CPF Distribution GmbH

Cultivated. Cooked. Imported. Loved.

We offer Convenience products suitable for various channels. We supply your sales with internationally successful Asian food brands, always from Field to Fork.


Authentic Asian dishes for everyone!

CPF Distribution aims to make contemporary, outstanding, delicious dishes available to consumers.

Whether it’s the delicious Shrimp Wonton Soup or the Panang Curry, our authentic Asian cuisine uses Asian ingredients sourced directly from Asian fields, cooked by local chefs and packaged in the country of origin.

This is the only way to achieve the authentic Asian taste that has so far eluded the packaged food industry.

We work in an environmentally friendly, resource-saving manner using the latest production and deep-freeze logistics methods. This way, we can keep innovating to produce exciting new retail products that your customers will love.

CPF Distribution GmbH

CPF Distribution GmbH is a distributor of Asian food solutions for retailers.

We are part of the CPF Group, one of Thailand’s largest global food manufacturers. CPF’s focus is on manufacturing and managing end-to-end production of food products such as ready meals, seafood or plant-based products, following our Field to Fork methodology in a vertical approach.

We manage the imports of our well-known CPF brands from Hamburg; however, our core competence is not only imports but also the development of ready meal creations that are finely adapted to the respective markets.

From Thailand to the world

Being a part of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF), we are also driven to uphold the values of CPF.

Just like our parent company, we want to deliver products of the highest quality to you and your customers and holistically improve food production by being environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

CPF is a multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Thailand, serving over 3 billion people in around 30 countries.

With a turnover of approximately 17.5 billion euros, CPF is the market leader in Southeast Asia and one of the largest food producers in the world. The production sites are spread over 17 countries and convince with modern production standards.

All production and logistics are strictly monitored, e.g., we know exactly where the delicious shrimp for our Shrimp Wonton soup comes from or from which area the fine jasmine rice originates. Logistics and production are set up according to first-class, modern standards, which ensure efficient, traceable and environmentally friendly handling of raw materials.

Trade from Hamburg

CPF Distribution GmbH is based in Hamburg. We feel at home being located at the gateway to the world, sharing the same neighbourhood as Germany’s largest seaport.

This strategic location enables us to use our supply chains efficiently. Hamburg is where it all happens; we import food from Asia and supply our authentic, high-quality products to Asia lovers and hobby cooks.

Our products are stored in Altenwerder, a deep-freeze warehouse in Hamburg. Here, the goods are stored in two zones: One part is maintained at 0°C, while the majority are kept at a frigid -22 to -28°C.

State-of-the-art supply chains ensure that we carry out perfectly orchestrated logistics, delivering our products throughout Germany- and to you.

But we don’t just do logistics, we also innovate.

At the CPF centre for food research and development in Thailand, over 250 employees work on new culinary ideas using the latest technology. They create the optimal combination of spices and ingredients, test the dishes for nutritional values and invent new dishes catering to individual markets.

This is how new flavours and varieties are created and tested every day until the perfect dish with the desired flavour profile is found for the intended market. Our product development also includes making the packaging more eco-friendly and efficient.

Strong Brands for strong customer loyalty

Our brands are already enjoying growing popularity in various European countries, such as Denmark. Get to know the CPF brands here.

Quality has its diligence

If there’s one thing we can claim, it’s this: Our products, whether meat-based or vegan, are uniquely authentic and not only taste Asian- they are actually Asian.

For example, the Thai Cubes from the Kitchen Joy brand score with fine jasmine rice or delicious noodles as a base, while the various sauces complete the dish.