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Absolutely Authentic Asian.

Your distributor for modern Asian food solutions.

New sales with Asian quality products for retailers.

Real, sustainable variety in the core assortment works by delivering the tastiest of dishes fresh and subjecting them to the highest quality standards. Ensuring authenticity by producing all our products in the country where the recipes originated from. And following the principle of Field to Fork, we supply directly from the producer to you, without third-party suppliers in between.

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) is one of the world’s leading food manufacturers, with 17.5 billion euros in sales. 40 years of experience and the continuous availability of our internationally successful brands in over 30 countries speak for themselves. Being part of Thailand’s most trusted CPF Group, we continue to ensure success in your frozen and refrigerated department. And the good news is we have begun to deliver to grocery outlets, delivery services and other retailers – online or offline.

When this is
your trading reality…

Several stakeholders?

You do not purchase products directly from the manufacturer but through third-party dealers, importers or distributors?

Lacks brand appeal?

Brands in the range do little to attract attention?

Always occupied?

Seasonal goods and year-round occupancy give you little scope to add something new?

No room for growth?

Your sales are stagnating, and you are looking for improvement?

…then you should bring Asia
to you!

Direct from manufacturer!

We manufacture and supply our own high-quality products. One Contact is all you need.

Marketing that creates demand

We increase product visibility by strategic placement at the POS. Furthermore, our brand website, social media content and online ads attract attention.

Little space but lots of novelty!

Our packages are designed to save space while still being eyecatching.

Great products that sell great

Our products are authentically Asian and in tune with the times.

High quality & colourful variety directly from the producer.

As a direct distributor of our goods, we can be proud that our strict quality management, true to the IFS Broker certification, meets the highest standards of quality consistently and for every market.

None of our products leaves our premises without having been thoroughly checked – whether it’s already during the loading in Asia, during external, independent inspections or even during production itself.

The colourful variety of our frozen meals and products has won over millions of fans worldwide. And it’s no coincidence: we analyse each market closely so we can serve the various market niches with our products and meet your customers’ tastes.

Authentic Asian on a whole new level.

Our products are authentically Asian- from Asian ingredients prepared according to Asian recipes and cooked by local chefs, everything from the place of origin. That’s why our dishes don’t just taste “like” Asian but are authentically Asian – because they are. And your customers will notice that, too.
So whoever tries our product once keeps coming back; because where else can you get a dish that really tastes like something straight out of Asia?

Global cold chains. Hanseatic shipping.

Hand on the heart— how authentic can it be?

We produce and process the ingredients for our products in the country of origin. This ensures we have the shortest possible route from the field to the kitchen. We then gently freeze the dishes and ship them to our storage locations.

State-of-the-art technology not only guarantees that every pallet carrying our products is exactly where it should be, but also ensures our deliveries always arrive where they are expected. to you.

Our internationally successful brands

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