Frozen products for

grocery outlets and other retailers

Truly authentic Asian products.

Secure new sales opportunities with products that are so authentically Asian and delicious that the travellers returning from Asia would not notice that they are back in Europe.

Genuine Asia.

Our products, regardless of category, have one thing in common:

Absolute Authenticity.

We believe that a dish produced in the country of origin, according to traditional recipes, following the Field to Fork principle, can only be authentic – and our success among fans of Asia is proof. Our portfolio ranges from frozen or chilled ready meals, poultry and fish to vegetarian food. Always fresh, authentic and Asian.

But how do you create something authentic? We do it in four simple steps that are managed holistically: Recipe, Cultivation, Cooking and Logistics.









Recipes from Asia,
instead of Asian style.

The recipes for our products, such as Kitchen Joy’s frozen dishes or our Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup, are tried and tested and form the basis for genuine Asian enjoyment that will impress your customers in every respect.

That’s because you can taste authenticity with every bite.

All your customers need to do is close their eyes and experience the incredibly delicious taste as it unfolds, taking them on a mind trip to Asia. The authentic experience also depends on selecting the right ingredients because not all rice is the same, and not all vegetables are alike.

Ingredients from
Asian fields.

As a distributor from producer in the country of origin, we ensure that you and your customers receive products of consistently high quality.

We make every effort to ensure that each of our dishes can be prepared in a truly authentic Asian way. Perfectly coordinating the right ingredients is essential.

The ingredients in all our dishes are not just Asian but also largely come from Asia, sourced from agricultural land mostly in Asian countries. In the production facilities, whether farm or industrial processing, work is carried out with great care, following the highest professional standards.

We prepare in Asia,
instead of just being Asian.

Our chefs are masters of their trade. After all, no one prepares original Asian recipes like a traditional Asian chef. Our dishes and foods are made from ingredients sourced from the region and based on proven, finely tuned recipes. Sourcing, preparing and packaging dishes in the place of origin not only saves us on long transport routes between production sites and shipping, but also makes the dishes authentic.

For example, the rice dishes from Kitchen Joy are cooked with real, fragrant jasmine rice. Even our shrimp wontons are made by hand, always under the supervision of quality management.

The result: Products that are unparalleled in taste.

Multiple paths to your trading success.

Our services include mapping the closed cold chain, from production to delivery to our customers. This is self-evident considering the system-controlled traceability of the delivered products.

Our qualified processing teams handle the transport of goods from the country of origin to Hamburg as efficiently and smoothly as possible. For example, the team has customs specialists and veterinary authorities and is prepared for any scenario.

We are always open to requests. Thanks to our extensive network of logistics partners, we can act flexibly and, for instance, deliver goods over specific routes or to external warehouses. the way a retailer like you would like it.

Certified Quality.

We place high demands on our quality check to benefit our business partners and their customers and certify our standards with certificates from independent auditors.

The shrimp wonton soups and the ready-meal production are BRC Food certified for transparent quality assurance in food processing.

In our shrimp wonton soup factory the SMETA Social Audit certificate ensures that social responsibility is always given to all employees.

The advantage for our clients and partners is obvious:

A precisely tested, food-safe logistics that is transparent, traceable and meets the highest international standards.

CP Foods’s chicken gets ready for the space mission

The company is collaborating with two global partners, Nanoracks LLC, the US leading provider of space innovation, and mu Space and Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of space technology solutions, to send chicken to space.

The company is collaborating with two global partners, Nanoracks LLC, the US leading provider of space innovation, and mu Space and Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of space technology solutions, to send chicken to space.

This spearheads a unique initiative to elevate Thai chicken’s safety standards to those required for space-grade food – some of the strictest known to mankind. The chicken products associated with the project will be subjected to rigorous certification processes to ensure their compliance with stringent space safety standards, thus making them astronaut friendly. The realization of this endeavor will be an important milestone for CP Foods, solidifying the global recognition and compliance of their chicken’s safety standards with the demanding Space Food Safety Standards.

Well-known brands in the Far East.

Our brands are popular all over the world. Among them are Kitchen Joy and CP Authentic Asia, which deliver authentic, modern and delicious Asian dishes. We are also continuously working on new developments to create products specific to the German-speaking and European markets.