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well-known Asian brands.

Asia-Fans will love them!

Surprise your customers with authentic Asian cuisine out of a freezer. Our brands have already proven themselves in the international market; now it’s your turn to discover them.

Our Brands:
Genuine Asia-lovers’ brands.

Our goal is to create and market brands that have a real appeal and also offer actual added value to retailers.

Our brands and products have succeeded in establishing themselves internationally. Also, the outstanding taste, the inimitable authenticity, the high-quality manufacturing of the products, and the easy handling are factors that convince our customers worldwide.

Our Thai Cubes are available in a wide range of flavours, lactosefree or vegan, with rice or noodles as a base. They offer incomprehensible taste and excellent quality, cooked in the country of origin – these are our unique selling points on the market.

Authentic Brands from Asia.

Kitchen Joy is a modern foodie’s most loved brand, i.e. catered to people who are fans of a great tasting food. These are delicious, mostly lactose-free, authentic dishes that make life easier and faster without sacrificing natural Asian flavours. Vegan variants are also part of the Kitchen Joy portfolio.



CP offers your customers a wide range of products, from refined dishes like Crispy Chicken Nuggets to specialities like Thai Satay Skewers. Partly pre-cooked for quick reheating and perfect to complete other Asian dishes.

For the love of sales.

Of course, to establish a brand, it’s not enough to just put the products on the shelf.

We ensure demand among your customers, with high-reach advertising measures and campaigns. That way, it remains constantly top-of-mind.

You can achieve additional effects with your own marketing measures. We are happy to work closely with you and help you take promotional actions in a targeted manner.

Often, when the demand exists, space is lacking. Many of our products are therefore designed to make perfect use of your limited space in the freezer, thanks to the space-saving packaging design, which packs more boxes without compromising on product appeal.

This way, your customers will always find us when the desire for authentic Asian dishes arises.



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